Indiana's Own Dana Black - The dynamic speaker of the Hoosier state!

Indiana's Own Dana Black

"I have the ability to move people with words."

I have lived the vast majority of my childhood and all of my adult life in Indianapolis. I am a proud graduate of North Central High School located on the north side of Indianapolis. 

Growing up in Indiana instilled strong Hoosier values, which include hard work, looking out for your neighbor, and creating a future where families can thrive. Those values also include providing opportunities for all Hoosiers and giving them a choice in leadership. In the 2014 general election, the incumbent in my home district ran for re-election unopposed. The Hoosiers living in this district did not have a choice in who should represent them; I did not have a choice. This was one of the main reasons that led me to run for office in 2016.

Although a win in 2016 wasn't in the cards, there was still work that needed to be done. I was fortunate to be appointed as the Deputy Chair and Engagement in the Indiana Democratic State Party, where I served for four years. I was able to bring the same level of work and commitment in my role as Deputy Chair of Engagement that I brought as a candidate. 

I received my B.S. Information Systems from Indiana Wesleyan University and my M.B.A. with an Information Technology focus from Southern New Hampshire University. I love technology and how it makes us more efficient and effective in our daily lives.

However, promoting civic and political engagement along with electing good Democrats who are writing policies that improve lives, is my passion.

With over 50 Speaking engagments, Indiana's Own Dana Black is ready to deliver.

No event is too large or too small.

Past events include:

  •  Indiana Democratic Party Convention (2x)
  •  Women's March Rally - Indianapolis (2x)
  • Young Democrats of America 2019 convention; following Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Andrè Carson
  • Liz Watson for Congress campaign rally emcee featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner (OH)
  • NAACP 2018 Keynote Speaker  - Bloomington

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