About Dana Black

I received my B.S. Information Systems from Indiana Wesleyan University and my M.B.A. with an Information Technology focus from Southern New Hampshire University. I love technology and how it makes us more efficient and effective in our daily lives. Throughout my career the main component that remains true is technology moves fast. The joy however, is learning those new, fast moving concepts and ideas and implementing them into the environment. If practitioners of technology don’t stay current, they quickly fall behind.

I have lived the vast majority of my childhood and all of my adult life in Indianapolis. I am a proud graduate of North Central High School. I have seen a lot of change in our city and state over the years.

I attended Beaulah Missionary Church where charity and caring about members of the community were a high priority. I have been a volunteer for MEPI, Minority Engineering Programs of Indianapolis for 8 years helping to prepare girls and other minority students for post-secondary education in the STEM fields.

I believe our leadership in the Indiana General Assembly should work in the same way as practitioners of technology, learning new concepts and ideas on how to move the Hoosier state forward in a more efficient and effective way; staying current on the issues that affect all Hoosiers; ensuring we do not fall behind. All the while being fiscally sound in our decision making. In order to do that we must be willing to examine different options on how to accomplish these goals.

This was the main reason why I ran for Indiana House of Representatives; District 88 in 2016. It is now the time to consider new ideas on how to move Indiana forward. It is now the time for a fresh voice, a voice that represents all of Indiana and those values. I am not simply running to hold an office; I am an advocate for staying current on what affects all Hoosiers.

Although our campaign came up short, I continue to work with our state Democrat party to engage communities, work with candidates and elected officials and spread the Democrat message to 92 counties. We have a lot of work to do and it will take a lot of effort to make the changes we seek.